Thanh Le

Thanh is the Director for Student Engagement and Leadership and provides strategic vision and leadership to more than 450 student organizations. Thanh works on initiatives that enhance the overall student experience and actively support valuable co-curricular learning experiences outside the classroom. Thanh may be reached at or by calling (304)293-4397.

Kim Harrison

Kim is the Assistant Director of the Student Engagement and Leadership office and is responsible for overseeing process of recognizing the 450 student organizations. She oversees the SOS website and guides the office social media efforts. She provides guidance to organization officers and advisors. She guides the Student Engagement assessment efforts. Kim may be reached at (304)293-3814 or

Sue Fusco

Sue is the Operations Manager for the Student Engagement and Leadership office. She plans, manages, and executes special events including the Student LOT, SHOP/Toy Mountain, and the Homecoming parade. Her duties include supervising the day-to-day operations and administrative staff and serves as the SABO liaison. She also administers the Student Government Administration Finance grants.Sue may be reached at (304)293-4397 or

Jacqueline Dooley

Jacqueline is the Program Coordinator in the Student Engagement and Leadership office. She is supports the Multicultural organizations and the National Pan-Hellenic Council. She is the coordinator for the Rack, the student food bank. She plans and coordinates special events and also works with programs including the Student LOT, SHOP, and Homecoming. Jacqueline may be reached at (304)293-3875 or