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New Organizations

Interested in creating a new student organization? New Organization Registration occurs on a rolling basis from April 15th to March 31st every year. 

Benefits of being an active WVU Recognized Organization:

  • Being able to reserve campus spaces (classrooms, Mountainlair, brick area, banner space, etc.).
  • Utilize the WVU trademark and branding
    • If you are not an official organization you cannot use the WVU name or trademark images
  • Receive Student Government Association (SGA) grants
  • Utilize the Student Organization Resource Center (free printing, button maker, craft supplies, etc.)
  • Participate in Student Organization Fairs 
  • Participate in Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) Trainings
  • Receive the weekly SEL Newsletter and more!

Steps to become a WVU Recognized Organization:

  • Register on WVUEngage by clicking "Register a New Organization"
    • You must upload the current organization Constitution with all required information. 
      • template is provided with the required sections highlighted and notated with asterisks.
  • Have four (4) primary Officers and a Faculty/Staff Advisor:
    • President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary.
    • Faculty/Staff Advisors must be full-time WVU employees.
  • Have at least five (5) active members. This can include the four officers.
  • Have at least 1 officer complete the required trainings (3).
    • Attend a Registration workshop (see dates on WVUEngage). 
    • Complete the Finance Module (video & completion form).
    • Complete the Title IX Module (video & completion form).
  • Have the WVU Faculty/Staff Advisor complete the mandatory Advisor Training Module (video & completion form).
    • Please note your advisor must log-in to WVUEngage to access the completion form and accept membership to the organization(s) they advise.
  • Participate in a New Organization Meeting with a member of Student Engagement & Leadership team.
  • Present to and be approved by the Student Government Association Student Assembly.
    • SGA meetings are held every Wednesday night during the academic year.

Download the Annual Registration Document for additional details. 

WVUEngage provides a wide variety of support and guidance to users of the system. Student organization leaders should review this resource guide for information. Once your organization has been registered, you will need to invite members and assign officers

Check out our WVUEngage How To Series for step-by-step guidance on navigating the platform. 

2024-2025 Registration Workshop Schedule:

Please visit WVUEngage to RSVP for an upcoming workshop. RSVP is required for Zoom access to virtual sessions. *You must log-in to see upcoming events.*

It is required for all student organizations to attend one registration workshop. We encourage all officers for the 2024-2025 year to attend.

Re-registration Steps and Requirements

In order to register a new student organization, complete the following steps:

  1. New Organization Meeting - If you are a new organization, you must attend a New Organization Meeting with a member of the SEL Team. In this meeting, you will briefly discuss your goals and plans for our new organization as well as the registration process. You can expect this meeting to take about 15 minutes. Once you have had your meeting, you will be able to officially register your organization through WVUEngage. Contact SEL to schedule your initial meeting.
  2. Register - Complete the Student Organization Registration form on WVUEngage.
  3. Complete Training At least one officer is required to complete the virtual Finance Module (video and completion form) and virtual Title IX Module (video and completion form) as well as attend an Organization Registration Workshop. Check the events section of WVUEngage to find the next available workshop.
  4. Advisor Requirements All advisors must complete the mandatory Advisor Training Module & Agreement Form (video and completion form).
  5. Member Roster - Designate at least five active members (includes the four officers of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and the Faculty/Staff Advisor.
  6. SGA Approval - Present in front of the Student Government Association (SGA) at one of their meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. SGA will give final approval to determine recognition. 
  7. Official Approval - Once you are officially approved and all requirements have been met, you will get a notification from WVUEngage saying your organization has successfully registered.


The following items are required in order to register your new organization: 

  • Officer Trainings (3)
  • Constitution
  • Officers
  • Roster
  • Advisor Requirements