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Student Organization Advisors

Student Engagement and Leadership desires to support and encourage all organizations, student leaders, and advisors at West Virginia University. We achieve this goal through personal relationships, training sessions, and additional materials.

Advisors are a vital part of the WVU community. Student Engagement and Leadership is proud to support our student organization advisors in all that they do for WVU!


2023-2024 Student Organization Registration is open from April 15th - September 15th, 2023.

All Student Organization Advisors are required to complete a short mandatory training module and accept the Terms & Conditions of their role on each organization’s WVUEngage profile. The student organization's registration will not be approved until the Faculty/Staff Advisor completes these requirements. 

Please visit WVUEngage for the Advisor Training Confirmation Form and to accept the Terms & Conditions. 

Advisor Resources Workshop, 2/3/2021.