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The WVUENGAGE system has been developed for all students to enrich their involvement experience at West Virginia University.  The system is for all students at WVU to engage with the school community.
  • Focus on connecting students with student organizations and campus partners.​

  • Organization management ​

  • Easy communication​

  • Stay INFORMED, INVOLVED, AND CONNECTED to the WVU community!

  • Find a complete list of all recognized student organizations on campus

  • Information that was found under the "Forms and Resources" section is now in WVUEngage

Ready to re-register your student organization? Organizations have until mid-September to complete the process. There will be two required workshops that will be scheduled for early in the fall semester. Until that time your organization won't fully be recognized but will still be visible on the organization listing page. 

Current Students - Track your involvement in organizations, create a co-curricular transcript, search for other clubs and organizations, match your interests with existing organizations on campus, or start a new group on campus.

Organization Leaders - Manage your organization, share documents, track service hours, create a budget, advertise your events, manage your roster, search for new organization members, and link all your information to social media sites.

For more information on using WVUEngage or additional resources, please see the FAQ page.  If you have further questions, please contact our office at or 304.293-4397.  

Connect with Student Engagement and Leadership