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Student Involvement

Student Involvement works to create an inclusive and vibrant community that serves as an outlet for every student to get connected to all potential involvement and engagement opportunities at WVU.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development, as a unit within Student Engagement and Leadership, will provide students with leadership skills development opportunities through individual programs, retreats, and experiential learning. 

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All WVU student orgs now have the opportunity to tap into the latest community-building platform! You can focus on connecting your org with potential new members and keeping your current base energized and involved. 

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Introducing WVUENGAGE

The WVUENGAGE system has been developed for all students to enrich their involvement experience at West Virginia University.  The system is for all students at WVU to engage with the school community.

For more information on using WVUEngage or additional resources, please see the FAQ page.  If you have further questions, please contact our office at or 304.293-4397.  


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